The entire Beats By Girlz curriculum is currently being licensed for free to schools and community centers who offer free or scholarship based programing to those who need it. Also available for private and for-profit use. For more information email

To download the first three lessons for free download via these links


I’m very happy to provide you with this interactive and community driven curriculum as well as welcome you to the Beats By Girlz family.

When I originally developed Beat By Girlz, my purpose was to create a safe and comfortable place for young women to get involved in music technology while having as much fun as possible. The goal is to provide them with the guidance, access, tools and role-support to develop their interests and ability to pursue career opportunities in music production, composition, engineering, etc - fields where a female demographic is all but lacking. My approach is about much more than pushing buttons. I consciously wrote in lessons that give them the opportunity to play many musical roles. They get to be a songwriter, a rapper, a producer, an engineer and a collaborator - all of which showcase the fact that if they chose, they can play all of these roles simultaneously and independently.  


In this package you will find:

1) The first 3 lesson plans of Beats By Girlz

  • 1-3 basic functionality and composition
  • 4-5 genre based production (full license)
  • 6-8 writing project (full license)
  • 9 collaboration (full license)

2) A ‘Community Engagement’ expansion pack (full license)  

3) Class Resources

4) YouTube playlists

5) Links to audio, pictures and video examples from previous classes

6) Full teacher training videos (full license)  

To access the entire curriculum write to

To start, here’s a video I put together which outlines some teaching strategies I use

I hope you have as much fun running this program in your community as I did in mine. I look forward to seeing pictures of everyone online and hearing music from the girls. Together we can make a huge impact on the young female minds who desperately need to be shown that making music has no boundaries, only possibilities.


Erin Barra, Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music